Planning and preparing for Student Group Travel starts many months in advance of the actual departure day. It requires significant investments by educators, parents, students and Bennett Travel, in both time and money. Bennett Travel has full understanding and appreciation of the student fund raising and music booster fund raising that is often a significant portion of payment for student trips. That is what helps make these trips even more special to your kids – because they worked for it themselves. We want to assure you that Bennett Travel will take the best possible care to safeguard your financial investment in your trip.

The majority of tour operators use a third party to make all the reservations for their group clients. Although this is less time consuming for the tour operator, this may reduce the amount of any refund should the entire group cancel their trip. Bennett Travel works directly with hotels, restaurants, venues, and transportation on your behalf regardless of how much time it takes. Through experience, we have found that the harder we work for your group, the better the trip. Because we have long-term, established relationships with our vendor partners, we are able to work with them to get the highest refund possible in the event the group leader cancels the trip.

Bennett Travel commits to always work in your best interest. In the event your group cancels its trip for reasons beyond its control, we will make every effort to obtain the highest refund available for your group.


Highlights of the Bennett Travel Payment Protection Guarantee

✔ Travel protection at very affordable Group Rates. Bennett Travel recommends the third-party Student Deluxe with CFAR Travel Protection Plan for every trip and provides a link to purchase the plan that is specific for your group. Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) protection provides an additional safeguard of your payments.

✔ If the group leader cancels the entire trip 91 days or more before the departure date Bennett Travel will guarantee your group a 100% refund, less any non-refundable payments made to vendors and suppliers.

✔ If the group leader cancels the entire trip 90 days or less before the departure date your group may still be eligible for a refund! Bennett Travel will pass on 100% of all available vendor and supplier refunds to your group, less a 5% cancellation fee.


Book your trip with Bennett Travel with the confidence of our
with CFAR!


Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) travel protection will give up to a 75% refund. Combine the travel protection of CFAR with our efforts to get your group the maximum cancellation refund, and the end result is typically an 80% - 95% refund. Contact us to learn more!